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For full details of Sark's artisans in residence and where to view or buy their work, click on Sarah Hudson's applique map!


Several artists who live and work on Sark offer workshops throughout the year - follow the links below for further details.

Local artist Annie Dachinger produces quirky, intricate engraved and pen and ink drawings, and is leader of Sark’s Astronomy society SAstroS. She offers drawing tuition and takes commissions.

If you’d like to try something really different and energetic during your visit to Sark, Emma Fawson offers engaging and informative theatrical swordplay workshops and drama workshops.  

Sark-born artist Rosanne Guille (MA, RCA) produces sweeping watercolours, oils, and charcoals of Sark landscape and wildlife. She is available for watercolour workshops en plein air, and takes commissions.

Andy Leaman has kept bees up north on Sark for many years, and will introduce visitors to the bees in a honeymaking and beekeeping workshop.

Lorraine Nicolle is Sark’s own pottery and silverwork specialist. Her fine and varied pottery wares and original silverware are available in her studio, and  she offers pottery workshops throughout the year and takes commissions.

Amanda Vogan-Petrie is an accomplished weaver, and developed the registered Sark Twill design. She’s also the coordinator of the Sark Tapestry Project and teaches tapestry and weaving workshops.


Photo Credits: Elliott Mariess, Hilary Charlesworth, Shakira Christodoulou, Rosalie Smith, Stacey Upson, Scarlett Lo-Vyn