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All dressed up with somewhere to go on Sark

The creative exhibition of the summer on Sark is on at La Seigneurie. Combining history and style, Something Borrowed features 25 outfits from 60 years of Sark weddings. Some were handmade by local families, including Debbie Guille's fashionable 1970 lambswool dress, crocheted by her mother, and two bridesmaids capes, by her grandmother. Helen Plummer's beautifully-cut dress in heavy silk satin is also local craftsmanship, and an image of stately elegance.

Curator Sarah Beaumont's idea, the exhibition has been a Seigneurie team effort to raise money for the Sark Hardship Fund, with the Seigneur, Christopher, busy in his carpentry workshop to make the stands, and Sibyl Beaumont, who has a background in design, creating an elegant aesthetic for the display materials. She's collected sweet and funny stories from the brides and civil partners.

Creative Sark's own Shakira Christodoulou threw in as design director to style each dress. Improvising with bubble wrap, tissue, reused packing and water bottles, she aimed to compliment the dresses and the furniture and setting in the historic house, and learnt technique on the job to bring life to the couture's wildly varied structures. Your company is cordially requested!

Something borrowed is open from 11th August to 1st September from 11:00-16:00. Recommended donation of £10 per adult, with all proceeds to the SHF.

Click on the Artisans' Map for a full listing of crafters and artists living and working on Sark, with where to visit their studios or purchase their work.


We're welcoming visitors from Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and the Isle of Man, but we're still thinking of friends and family in Jersey, the UK, Europe and the wider world, and hope to see everyone here on Sark soon. We miss you!


Several Sark artists offer workshops throughout the year - follow the link for further details so you can plan ahead for your next trip or creative treat.


Photo Credits: Elliott Mariess, Hilary Charlesworth, Shakira Christodoulou, Sue Daly, Rosalie Smith, Stacey Upson, Scarlett Lo-Vyn


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